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Erudite Quarter Socks Off White
Erudite Quarter Socks Off White


Erudite Quarter Socks Off White

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You're a renaissance woman, interested in a variety of talents, subjects, sports and skills. The Erudite quarters are an equally multifaceted sock, enhanced with Infiknit™ fibers that mirror your own tenacity and colorblock styling suits every day.

Quarter - landing at just above your ankle, these socks are the mid-point between our low and crew heights.

Nylon Blend 41% Nylon, 37% Combed Cotton, 18% Polyester, 4% Elastane

These lightweight socks offer a breathable barrier between your foot and shoe with select cushioning. 

Deep Heel Pockets complement your arch with that feel-good fit.

Engineered Arch Support stabilizes your swing in style.

Targeted Cushioning for added comfort where you need it most.

Seamless Toe Closure for an anti-friction finish your feet will love.

S  Men 3-5.5 / Women 5-7.5

M M: 6-8.5 W: 8-10.5


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