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Bb. Gel

Bumble and bumble

Bb. Gel

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This hi-hold gel sculpts and shapes hair – for a shiny, radiant finish that isn’t flaky or sticky.

Hold, Shine, Brushable

Density:  fine to thick                       
Texture: straight to curly                    
Type: healthy

Work a small amount through damp hair and style with fingers or a brush. Let dry for a structured, sleek shape.

INGREDIENTS APolyacrylate-2 Crosspolymer: This multi-talented polymer is the Bb.Gel secret. It has four distinctive elements that make it a sublimely balanced, super-modern polymer:  Methacrylic Acid provides strong hold (which keeps everything in place)      C1-C4 alkyl (meth)acrylate gives it superior spreadibility (and means it’s never sticky) Silicone side chains provide shine and softness without added weight or build-up,  Hydrophobic chains condition and leave a soft, natural finish (for excellent brushability)