ELEONOR Ladies Footies Socks
ELEONOR Ladies Footies Socks


ELEONOR Ladies Footies Socks

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THE ART OF SOCKS At XPOOOS we design and create stylish, contemporary socks.

Step into the world of casual chic with our Elenor Ladies Footies - a flower festival for your feet that adds a touch of color and fleur every day!

We love flowers, and we know for sure that you are too! That is why we designed our Elenor Footies, decorated with a beautiful floral print. These footies give your outfit a trendy and relaxed touch, perfect for every casual occasion.

Enjoy the soft and comfortable feeling of the footies, made of a mainly polyester material. The floral print adds a playful and artistic element to your look, making you look fashionable effortlessly.

Our Elenor Footies have a silicone anti -slip heel, so that they stay in place and do not sink, even when you are moving. With their short length, they effortlessly disappear into your shoes, making them invisible in sneakers or low shoes.

Let your feet enjoy the flower festival with our Elenor Ladies Footies. Get in comfortable and casual style, and add a touch of color to your daily adventures. Because who said that casual cannot be stylish? With our Elenor Footies you prove the opposite!