GINKO Bamboo Ladies Socks
GINKO Bamboo Ladies Socks


GINKO Bamboo Ladies Socks

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THE ART OF SOCKS At XPOOOS we design and create stylish, contemporary socks. They’re expressive and distinctive. They say something about the people who wear them. After all, we do what we do for like-minded and self-aware individuals with a distinctive streak and a certain outlook on life. Open-minded individuals who dare to mix and match, explore and experiment. Individuals who dare to expose themselves.

Step into the world of casual elegance with our trendy ginko ladies socks with a beautiful Libelle! These socks add a touch of natural charm to your daily outfit, perfect for every occasion.

The Libelle is the symbol of transformation and freedom, and our socks catch this meaning in a stylish design. The subtle image of the Libelle on the socks brings a playful and airy atmosphere, while your feet enjoy the comfort of bamboo.

Made from soft and breathable bamboo material, these ladies' socks offer a cozy and luxurious experience for your feet. The natural material keeps your feet fresh and dry, even on hot days.

Whether you have a relaxed day or you want to upgrade casual look, our Ginko ladies socks are the perfect choice. They add a touch of style to your outfit without exaggerating.

Let yourself be driven with the freedom of the Libelle and embrace casual chic with our trendy ladies socks. Order them today and enjoy the comfort and elegance they offer. Every step you take, radiate sophistication and effortless style, with a touch of natural beauty!

Material:75% Bamboo 23% Polyester 2% Elasthan