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Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Soft Texture Finishing Spray

Bumble and bumble

Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Soft Texture Finishing Spray

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Infused with our 6-signature oil blend, this finishing mist gives a soft, casually - tousled texture with light hold. ( think bed head if you snoozed in Satin sheets).  Our nourishing, signature 6-oil blend helps to provide soft texture. Perfect for dry or damaged hair, and anyone who wants soft texture that lasts.

Texture, Shine, UV Filters, Hold 

This clear, lightweight blend of six oils absorbs quickly into hair to help soften, silken, tame, defrizz, detangle – and protect against breakage and UV damage. Dry, dull hair gets a sublime transformation.

Density: all 
Texture: all
Type: Dry Damaged and or Chemically damaged  

Shake well. Hold 8-10 inches away, and mist evenly throughout dry hair. Use more for more oomph. PRO-TIP: • For a piecey look, use fingers to separate ends of hair. • Lift hair up and apply underneath, rather than on the surface, to see how your strands respond to the product (and how much to apply). Once you get a good read – apply mid-lengths to ends, or all over. Rake fingers through to distribute.

INGREDIENTS Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil 6-Oil Blend: helps to provide soft texture      UV filters: help protect against the drying effects of the sun.  Silk Powder: helps to provide soft texture Polymers: helps to create light hold    Free from Silicones